Rail Systems


  1. All dispatching and receiving operations using rail transport

Summary of features

  1. Manage and capture all rail truck dispatching and receiving operations
  2. Dispatching
    1. Capturing wagon information
    2. Weighing wagons
    3. Assigning rail trucks to a Spoornet consignment number
    4. Printing truck cards and consignment note
  3. Receiving
    1. Capturing wagon information
    2. Weighing wagons before and after offloading
  4. Integrates with almost all rail weighbridges and RFID hardware for identification of wagons and
  5. Integration with in motion rail weighing systems
  6. Flexible report on all data in the system
  7. Many additional modules to that extend the system
    1. Integration into ERP system
    2. Tolerance checks
    3. Automated bulk loading
    4. Automatic vehicle identification
    5. User access control
    6. Fingerprint user identification