Batching Systems


  1. Concrete batching
  2. Feed batching
  3. Bread dough batching
  4. Container filling

Summary of features

  1. Integration with many batching plant hardware devices
  2. Automated batching
    1. Control the loading of raw materials onto a scaleĀ  according to recipe
    2. Record details of all materials loaded
    3. Integrate with remote display for front end loader loading aggregates
  3. Moisture measurements
    1. Remind the loader when moisture reading are required
    2. Adjust the recipe for moisture before batching
  4. Stock control of all raw materials
    1. Raw material receipts function
    2. Stock is automatically reduced while batching
    3. Stock take function
    4. Stock variance analysis
  5. Configure recipes
  6. Vehicle management functionality
    1. Show and manage current status of all trucks: loading, travelling, discharging, etc.
    2. Record and report on the time a truck spent in each status
    3. Manhattan graph showing the load on the batching plant
  7. Print delivery notes. With monetary values if required
  8. Flexible reports on all data in the system
  9. Many additional modules to that extend the system
    1. Integration into ERP system
    2. Tolerance checks
    3. Automatic vehicle identification
    4. User access control
    5. Fingerprint user identification