Weighbridge Systems


  1. Road and rail weighbridge operations
  2. Dispatching, receiving, returning, transfer and other operations
  3. Products sold in bulk and products sold in units

Summary of features

  1. Accurately record the mass of any bulk products dispatched, received or returned, as is legally required for invoicing purposes
  2. Weigh unitized products to enforce that the theoretical number of pallets\bags\boxes on the vehicle corresponds to the actual mass on the weighbridge
  3. Print weighbridge tickets and generate flexible reports on all data in the system
  4. Many additional modules to that extend the system
    1. Axle weighing
    2. Peak weighing
    3. Camera integration
    4. Access control boom integration
    5. Integration into ERP system
    6. Stored tare weighing
    7. Tolerance checks
    8. Automated bulk loading
    9. Automatic vehicle identification
    10. User access control
    11. Fingerprint user identification
    12. SMS notifications

Wayware standard demo: