Axle Weighing Systems

Legislation requires that the mass of a vehicle does not exceed the legal limit. Failure to do so can result in fines. This applies not only to the gross vehicle mass, but also to the individual axles and axle groups of the vehicle.

The Government Gazette 38142 published 31 October 2014 will bring new amendments into force on 31 January 2015, that makes it the consignor and the consignee’s responsibility to avoid overloading.Wayware axle weighing system is the most cost effective software based solution that can turn your existing full length weihgirdge into an axle weigher, and make sure you comply to the new regulationsFeatures

  • Wayware supports axle weighing many weighbridge types and sizes
    • Full length weighbridges: This is achieved by recording masses as the vehicle drives on or off the weighbridge
    • Single axle weighbridge: Record each individual axle, but then also sum that axle masses to check for overloading on axle groups and gross mass
    • Axle group weighbridge: Weighing each axle group and also summing the masses
    • Multi platform weighbridge:  Multiplatform weighbridge can weigh all the axle groups at the same time without the vehicle having to drive forward after each weighing
  • Print an axle weighing ticket showing the details of all mass recording and whether any legal limits are exceeded
  • Reports showing a full history of all axle weighings performed
  • Adjustable tolerances and limits
  • Wayware supports in motion and static axle weighing
    • Static axle weighing: The vehicle has to stop and wait for the mass on the weighbridge to stabilize before the mass is read. Only then can the vehicle move forward to position for the next axle or axle group.
    • In motion axle weighing: The vehicle has to drive on or off the weighbridge at a slow continuous speed. Wayware will then analyze the mass as it increases and calculate the axle group masses


  • Avoid overloading and fines
  • Store proof that the truck was not overloaded at the time it left your premises
  • In motion axle weighing is faster than static axle weighing and can improve turnaround times


The following picture shows that user interface used while performing static axle weighing

Axle combination configuration

The following picture shows that user interface used to display in motion axle weighing results

Axle weighing results

The following shows an example of an axle weighing ticket

Wayware standard axle weighing certificate