Mastech offers all the services required to implement and support solutions.

Business analysis

More than 30 year experience gives Mastech the expertise to analyse any business’s current systems and processes and then propose solutions to meet the business requirements. Deliverables include business analysis reports and system specifications that help management choose the best path forward.


Software development

With an experienced software development team, Mastech offers software development services to meet a customer’s specific needs:

  • Extend and change the software products supplied by Mastech
  • System integration between software products supplied by Mastech and any other hardware or software systems
  • New software systems

All the aspects and phases of software development are offered

  • Software specification
  • Software design, development and testing
  • Packaging software ready for installation
  • Documenting manuals for users and system administrators
  • Change management and version control
  • Escrow agreements


Implementation and project management

Although Mastech has many partners familiar with the hardware and software products that can implement a solution at a customer, Mastech also offers the service of implementing the solution directly. This includes all aspects required for an implementation

  • Project management
  • Acquiring and installation of hardware and software components
  • Documenting details hardware and software configuration on site
  • Training of users and system administrators
  • User acceptance tests
  • Data capturing or migration from old systems
  • Commissioning



Mastech offers training for the usage and maintenance of all hardware and software products it supplies.

  • User manuals and work instructions
  • Hands on sessions with tutorials and exercises
  • Onsite and offsite training



Mastech offers support services for all solutions provided that ensures you business critical systems stay online.

  • The support offered includes
    • Telephonic support
    • Onsite support
    • Support using remote access to the customers IT infrastructure (Virtual private network access, Remote Desktop assistance, etc).
  • Service level agreements are available that can ensure timely response