Weighbridge system ERP Integration


Almost all vehicles weighed have a financial implication associated with them. Whether debiting or crediting a customer for a load dispatched or returned, or recording the value of goods received from a supplier, the information recorded by the weighbridge system needs to be transferred into a ERP\accounting system. In the case where there is no system integration, users have to manually capture the data.

Wayware’s integration into ERP\accounting systems automates this transfer of data both ways. Any weighing done in the weighbridge system then has a direct link to the entities in the ERP\accounting system.

In the case where the download interface is not working due to network failure or other reasons, the weighbridge system can not function properly because it does not have up to date information from the ERP\accounting system. Wayware’s offline mode will allow operators to capture the missing information directly into the weighbridge system so that operations can continue. When the interface is restored, Wayware’s matching transfer functionality then ensures the data is then matched back into the ERP\accounting system.


  • Download interfaces from the ERP\accounting systems into Wayware
    • Customers, suppliers and  transporters
    • Products and product pricing
    • Sales orders and purchase orders
  • Upload interfaces from Wayware into the ERP\ accounting systems
    • Dispatch, return and receipt weighings performed
    • Mastech file and order information captured directly into Wayware
  • Offline mode
    • Cater for capturing information directly into the weighbridge system that is usually automatically transferred from the ERP\ accounting system
    • Matching function ensures missing data is transferred back into the ERP\ accounting system
  • Integration into many popular ERP\accounting systems
    • SAP: Text file transfers and custom developed interfaces
    • JDE: Custom developed interfaces using business functions
    • Syspro: Syspro’s E.Net interface and direct database access
    • Pastel: Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolutions SDK and also Pastel’s supported text file transfers
    • IBM AS400: Custom developed interfaces when the interface is restored
    • Accpac: Text file transfers using Accpac’s defined interface
    • Quick Books: Text file transfers using Quick Books’ defined interface
    • And other


  • Improve security by extending the ERP\ accounting system’s business rules and security into the weighbridge system
  • Save time by reducing the amount of data that needs to be capture
  • Accurate and up to date information available in all systems