The following downloads might be useful to people running Mastech’s software systems.

Wayware Setup

This is a setup file that installs all the entire runtime environment required for Mastech’s Wayware program to work.


Weighman patch Version 2016

The Weighman patch is a software fix which resolves the ‘Runtime error 6 (Overflow)’ problem which occurs up to version 3.21

Steps for installing the Weighman Patch:

  1. Download the Weighman patch by clicking here (or click here for a zipped version)
  2. Make sure there is at least one Desktop Shortcut to Weighman on each computer
  3. Close the Weighman program on each computer
  4. Run the WeighmanPatch.exe on each computer
  5. Continue enjoying Weighman!

Please note:

  1. The Weighman.Patch only needs to be run once successfully on each computer to resolve the problem
  2. The Weighman.Patch can be run many times on the same computer without causing any harm
  3. If the patch is unable to find you Weighman application
    1. Make sure you have at least one Desktop Shortcut to Weighman on each computer
    2. If the WeighmanPatch.exe file is copied to the same folder as the Weighman program (wm.exe) and then run from that location, the patch will also attempt to locate and patch the application in that folder
  4. If the Weighman Patch does not resolve your problem, please zip and then email the following to info@mastech.co.za
    1. Output.txt
    2. wm.exe
    3. Weighman.ini
    4. wm.mdb (if not too big)


Please note that all software installed is done so at the user’s on risk and Mastech can not be held liable for any lossed incurred