Important notice: New regulations on overloading vehicles

Consignors and consignees of goods by road are held responsible for overloading vehicles as of 31 January 2015.

This is as per Government Government Gazette No 38142 published on 31 October 2015.In summary:

  • A consignor or consignee of goods shall not offer goods or accept goods if the vehicle carrying it is not loaded correctly
  • A consignor shall use a method of establishing the mass of a vehicle and any axle or axle unit of such vehicle that is accurate as to ensure that such vehicle axle or axles are not overloaded
  • A consignor shall keep records of the mass of every load transported from his or her premises

The Wayware axle weighing system can turn your existing full length weighbridge into an axle weigher and help you comply with the new regulations. 

There is no need to purchase additional hardware.

Click here for details on Wayware axle weighing

You can download the Gazette here: Government Gazette No. 38142 on 31 October 2014

Refer to page 69 to see details of regulations 330A to 330D in R846 to NATIONAL ROAD TRAFIC ACT, 196 (ACT NO. 93 OF 196)